Excel-Outdoors Bucket Kaddy – A Multi-Season Tool Everyone will enjoy

If you are like me, the open water season cannot come soon enough.  I like thinking about things that I could do to make my busy summer go smoother when dealing with trailing my boat all over central Minnesota.  Excel-Outdoors has made the significant task of transporting minnows, taking care of them, and doing it all legally a streamlined process for me.

xcel-Outdoors Bucket Kaddy I have had the opportunity to use Excel-Outdoor products from everything to fishing, hunting, camping, and daily use.  The biggest game changer for me has been in the summer when I am transporting my minnows and all the stuff that saves me $1,000’s of dollars in bait each year.

The Excel-Outdoors Bucket Kaddy

The Excel-Outdoors Bucket Kaddy - Horizontal High Mount is a great way to transport minnows safely and legally.  However, it does so much more!  When I do not have minnows on board, I will put wet drift socks, gloves, or other gear that needs to be dried out in the buckets so they do not get my compartments all wet.  This also allows for easy access to them when I get home.  A second use for the Bucket Kaddy is a garbage can.

Excel-Outdoors Bucket Kaddy

The Excel-Outdoors Bucket Kaddy is a great tool that can be used in multiple ways and in multiple season.

At the end of the day, instead of collecting trash from the boat and putting it in the bed of my truck or keeping it in the boat, I will throw everything in one of the buckets and the lid keeps in all in one place.  When I pull up at the gas pump, I just grab the bucket and dump the garbage into the trash can.  It is so easy!  A third use, more for the Horizontal High Mount is the Fish-and-game board that mounts on the top.  This board from Excel Outdoors has made cleaning fish at the landing so much easier and safer!  All you have to do is keep the board in your truck and at the end of the day, quickly swap out the Bucket Kaddy for the board and you are in business.  The Fish-and-Game board has tool holders and gut bag holders built in, so everything is at your fingertips.

Multi-Use System - Winter and Summer

xcel-Outdoors Bucket Kaddy The best part of these systems is they are so easy to convert to winter fishing.  I simply take the mounting bracket off my boat trailer and swap it over to my snowmobile.  The whole process takes about 20 minutes, and it makes transporting gear and bait on the ice a breeze!  Excel-Outdoors has the products that “organize your life outside” but really they help you be an efficient sportsperson on the water, in the woods, even at home!  When you are considering options to help your summer go a little smoother, be sure to check out Excel-Outdoors, you will not be disappointed!

Check them out, I know that their products work and can withstand the harsh conditions that my gears sees throughout the summer and winter months.  This product simply makes your life easier on or off the water, in the woods, or anywhere!

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Capt. Tim Hanske

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