The Costa Del Mar Sunrise Silver Mirror 580P Lens

The Game Changer:

I have been wearing Costa Del Mar sunglasses for over 15 years. They are part of my everyday routine, as they go on when my day begins and get tucked away as it gets dark. My favorite lens option has been the Silver Mirror in both 580G and 580P. However, recently Costa Del Mar introduced the lens I have been waiting for, the Sunrise Silver Mirror available in 580P. The picture shown is one taken from a recent steelhead outing. Dark, reflective skies did a magnificent job of hiding the strike indicator until the Sunrise Silver Mirror lens came into play.

Setting: Leech Lake or Mille Lacs Lake Muskie Guide Trip

The Costa Del Mar Sunrise Silver Lens

Before an after action shot of the new Silver Mirror Lens.

One little example of why YOU will need these: I tell my clients that our best shot at an active musky is getting up early and being on the water when they are ready to eat. At 6:30 am, it is light out, but not light enough for my go-to lens color (Silver Mirror or Blue Mirror). So I watch every lure come in, looking for the signs of a hungry muskie either with my naked eye, or a very darkened (but polarized) view with a different lens that requires more light to get the perfect picture. Reading a musky follow is a big part of being a musky guide, it can tell you what mode the fish are in, what color they like, and some other slimy tidbits of information. Now with the revolutionary Sunrise Silver Mirror lens and they excel in these low light conditions by reducing glare and This lens will increase your ability to read fish, see lures and structure, and be more comfortable slipping the net under that 50 inch Muskie that ate right at the boat! With the Costa Del Mar Sunrise Silver Mirror lens, you can have the advantage of enhanced contrast and polarization during low light/overcast conditions...a true advantage!

Why do I love this lens color?

As mentioned, I always wear my sunglasses, and as a professional fishing guide, I value what my sunglasses do for me on the water and ice. I carry a couple of pairs of Costa’s on my boat at all times because some days you start the day off sunny and bright, and then the clouds move in, and it gets dark. Having the ability to switch on the fly helps you have the best optical advantage.

The Sunrise Silver Mirror has changed the game because they are amazing during the
morning, dark rainy days, or until the last rays of the sun are gone. Here is why; Costa Del Mar made this lens to provide polarization while letting more light in 30% in fact
( , 2017). On top of more light entering your eye, they built this lens with a yellow base to enhance contrast and excel in low light or overcast conditions (2017).

So, what does this mean for anglers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and pretty much everyone who wears sunglasses? These lenses give us the answer to is it too dark to wear sunglasses? No! Because when the conditions require a polarized lens to enhance your vision, the Sunrise Silver Mirror lens is made to accommodate you. Wearing these glasses can improve your experience by providing a visual advantage when traditional lens colors just don’t fit the conditions. These give you amazing contrast during times when the fishing or hunting is usually the best! I also just wore these lenses to the shooting range, during a cloudy day, and the targets stuck out like sore thumbs! The uses and advantages of these lens compliment the other selections that Costa Del Mar had to offer.

Get the Costa Del Mar Sunrise Silver Mirror lens today, and enjoy the low light or overcast
conditions with premium polarization and enhanced contrast to give you the best optical
advantage eye-wear can offer!

Check out Costa Del Mar at for sunglasses, lens information, gear, and ways people are exploring and protecting our waters!

Submitted by: Capt. Tim Hanske is a full time fishing guide for muskies, smallmouth bass, walleyes, and everything else that swims. His home waters include Mille Lacs Lake, Leech Lake, Gull Lake, and everything else that is accessible in north/central Minnesota. For
fishing and fly fishing adventures, please contact him at 218-330-7135 or head over to Leisure Outdoor Adventures to get in on that action!!

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