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The Leisure Outdoor Adventures fishing guides welcomes you to the Whitefish Chain of Lakes. The whitefish lake chain is the largest reservoir in the Brainerd Lakes area. The whitefish chain is made up of twelve separate lakes. They include Lower Hay, Upper, Middle, and Lower Whitefish, Bertha, Clamshell, Trout, Pig, Rush, Hen, Loon and Cross lake. The sheer size of the Whitefish chain provides anglers with a multitude of fishing options.

Two happy clients with a great area walleye

Two happy clients with a great area walleye

The chain is a maze of underwater islands and deep water points. With the abundance of water in the lake you will find out that it is full of islands, channels, points, bars, and vegetation which is home to a well stocked population of walleyes and a very big population of northern pike that can reach trophy status and provide a busy day on the water. While many lakes around the area can get a tough walleye bite in the dog days of summer, Whitefish often times picks up and produces a better walleye bite in the mid summer than the early season and this bite only continues to get better as summer moves into the fall.


A happy client with a great afternoon walleye on one of the Whitefish area lakes

A happy client with a great afternoon walleye on one of the Whitefish area lakes

The Whitefish Chain is known for its excellent walleye fishing. The best walleye action unusually occurs in July and August. The Whitefish Chain is a large body of water. It takes several months for the water temperature to reach seventy-five degrees.


The northern pike fishing on the Whitefish Chain is probably the best in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Deep water points provide prime habitat for these big pike. The lake has good population of deepwater forage like ciscoes, which help the pike grow quickly.


The Whitefish Chain supports a healthy population of bass. The Chain hosts several major bass fishing tournaments each summer. The Chain has every possible time of structure a bass fisherman could imagine; Slop, reeds, sunken islands, and deep water points.

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